Monthly Archives: June 2013

Army Wives

I’ve been a fan of Army Wives since the beginning, and I’ve got to say that knowing all the changes that were taking place in Season 7, I wondered if they could pull it off.

With Roxy gone (and I’ve never quite gotten over Pam leaving), and Roland going to reoccurring status, I’ll admit I was skeptical. I’m probably in the minority, but Claudia Joy’s departure doesn’t bother me at all. I never liked Claudia Joy to begin with. She was too cheeky for my tastes.

About this new season though, for the most part, I’m intrigued. But what are they doing to Gloria? I just don’t like or get what they’re doing to her with this so-called love triangle between her, Pat and Hector. I hope TPTB come to their senses and match Gloria up with Pat. I’d much rather see a pairing between them giving Jackie grief. Hector needs to move on.

When Brooke Shields entered the picture, I saw the writing on the wall about her character and Michael, but I wasn’t sure I could buy into it. Even though I never liked Claudia Joy, she and Michael worked. And Brooke’s character Kat is the polar opposite of Claudia Joy. Kat’s starting to grow on me. I’m not surprised.

Holly and Tim. All I can say is, Holly, your guy has some serious issues. Better get away from him while you still can.

Latasha and Quincy. The jury’s still out. They’re more interesting apart than together. Same with biker girl and the sergeant.

Roland and Joan. I just can’t see Joan mustering out. That’s bogus, for sure.

And what happened to Penny’s baby? Did the girls adopt him? I would’ve liked to have seen them all happy when they got their baby.

I miss Pam. I miss Roxy and Trevor. I miss Finn. He was so cute.

But seriously. Only 13 Episodes this season? Feels short. Will I tune in next season? Maybe, if I haven’t forgotten about it by then.